Over the Last Fence!

Good news!

"Fall's Bright Flame" is now up on Amazon/UK. Kindle edition will follow as soon as its configured.

Sales are going well, and right now, if any of you have enjoyed the book, PLEASE post a review on Amazon! When you're on the page, just scroll down, find the reviews and add yours. Gratitude will fly in your window within a few minutes!

It's both an exciting and crazy time with filing for tax forms, marketing, and making sure all the loose ends are attended to. Who thought writing was the hard part?

To be sure, writing is not easy, and every time you think you've got all the typos out and the words right, you just peek again. When you do, well, then you groan and wonder where else you forgot a period or left out the closing quotation mark.

Check out the nice things people have said here.

Oh, yes, and do buy the book

I hope you enjoy the book, and any reviews you can post on Amazon will put me in a better position on Amazon. I'm counting on you! It's one thing publishing a book you've bled over and love and another getting the word out!

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Memoir for Alice Frieder Weston, her life and accomplishments as artist, collector, arts patron, wife and mother: completed 2016. After years of writing profiles for publications, this full memoir was a joy to do, both because of the subject and the excitement of the research.


As an unrepentant New Englander, Cynthia Osborne Hoskin has a long career in writing that is an eclectic pastiche of general journalism embracing profile writing; culinary columns and art-focused articles; co-writing memoires for clients; corporate public relations and general business writing for business and not-for-profits.

Despite a modestly kept footlocker of short stories, poems (well, several were published with obscure awards), and personal memoires, this is her first full-length novel. It’s gestation and birth would rival that of any dinosaur, but now it’s here and contemporary, she is speeding up with more flights of history and fantasy that have been percolating in the wings.

Hoskin’s first poem was written at age eight on a blackboard just unloaded from a moving van in Cohasset, Massachusetts and was drivel about heaven and angels.

Hoskin lives with the charismatic star of the book, Abigail the Scottie, and her beloved, humorous, patient and very, very smart husband, Richard, author of the magnificent The Miner & the Viscount, a rousing tale of his native Cornwall, England available here: http://amzn.to/2vE6Dfr