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My writing career took off many years ago with a job in upstate New York writing a business column, lifestyle pieces and profiles, culinary and arts columns. I moved into writing for corporations and not-for-profits, contributing to other publications and eventually to publishing my own novel,  Fall's Bright Flame. Since, with a team to back me up, I've been editing and formatting books for others, and am about to teach the second online memoir-writing course at a learning-in-retirement organization connected to the University of Cincinnati. Now, a new historical fiction is in the works. I love all aspects of the written word. All.

I'm still working on clients' manuscripts, providing whatever help authors need. For pricing and a description of each service available, send an email, using the link below. 

Time to get to work! Your audience is waiting.

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Here for You

I hear from people all the time who have contemplated writing their memoirs or are already into the process. Naturally I’m interested, as I have edited or partially ghost written numerous of these manuscripts and formatted many for final publication. 

What I aim to do here is help people with methods to retrieve memories as fully and accurately as possible. This is the major stumbling block and why most people give up before half starting

There are good sites on the how-tos organize and craft memoirs all over the Internet as well as wonderful books on the subject. I’ll put links in for you later.

Weekly, I’ll post an article on aspects of digging for those events that impact the memoir as wells as some tips on language and words.